Four Tips on How to Save Yourself From Early Bankruptcy

January 15, 2017

money and credit cardsHere are some tips on how to stop foreclosure or even save yourself from early bankruptcy.

Did you know that money is one of the top stress inducers in the world?

Most people worry more about money than their own relationships, health and careers.

And because of this, the rest of your life suffers.

We find it hard to save money for a ton of reasons like simply never being taught money management skills. Or not controlling our own emotions.

Say no to impulse buying

So what if a sale falls on a payday? Malls will never run out of things to put on sale. Stick to your priorities first. Don’t buy anything that’s not on your list, even if the item is too good to pass up on.

But if you lose sleep and cant take it off your mind for the next 24 hours, then save up for it and buy if next time.

Chances are, you won’t even get it. Because it was just that, an impulse buy that after the impulse passes, so does your “imaginary” need for that new gizmo.

Give your credit card a rest

Paying with plastic is the most convenient way of shopping-enjoy it now, pay for it later lie there is on the planet. But it’s hard to keep track of your expenses this way and harder to keep yourself away from the malls.

Give your babies a rest once in a while and shop the old fashion way-with crisp, fresh-from-the-ATM bills.

If you start paying in cash, you’ll seriously notice just how fast you’re spending. And that’s the idea with credit cards, they want paying to be easy, very easy! So that you just go further and further into debt.

Lessen the gourmet coffee indulgence

If you spend an average of $4.00 for gourmet coffee in a day, that’s $28.00 in a week’s time.

You can buy a good pair of jeans with that amount of money if you put a halt to your expensive caffeine habit for a week.

Why not invest o a small coffeemaker and brew your own coffee once in a while? You’ll not only get to savor the coffee, but also the idea that you brewed it yourself.

You can even get fancy and buy whole roasted beans and a small grinder and grind your own coffee.

Even buying the beans, grinder and maker are way cheaper than going to Starbuck’s everyday!

Open savings account

Having a savings account will give you a sense of security knowing that you have money safely tucked away. And watching your balance grow will inspire you to try and save even more. You can learn more about other ways to save money here.

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