Gift Certificates – a Good or a Bad Gift?

January 20, 2017

gift cardsMany of us have probably received a gift certificate when we had a birthday with the explanation: “- So, you can choose what you want ..”.

Is the gift a good gift or not? Is it a not so personal, unimaginative and boring gift, or is it a good idea because the recipient can then choose herself what she wants?

These are issues which I think is highly individual.

For those of you who decided to buy gift certificates to your loved ones – here are a few things you should consider:

Here are some questions and stuff you might want to ask yourself when purchasing a gift card:

1. Fees – Make sure it is not in any way a fee for use of the gift card. Or if you have not used the gift card within a certain time – or if the gift card will decline in value after a certain time. It will only result in disappointment and frustration when confronted with these problems.

2. Bankruptcy – Find out what happens to the gift card if the company goes bankrupt! Is there any chance you may get any money in return? This may sound extremely far-fetched, but once it happens it may have been good to have found out about it beforehand.

3. What stores will it work in? – Does the gift card work only in the shop you bought it in, or in any of the stores in the chain? Is it possible to use it in various department stores around the country or just at the company you bought the card from? Click here to see.

4. The expiration date! – Very important to know. A gift card does not work just like regular money. It is absolutely not the same thing. Check if it says somewhere on the gift card when it expires, for example, six months after you bought it, inform the person you give it away to so that he or she can use the gift card in time.

As mentioned earlier, gift certificates are not the same as regular money! By knowing these points, you can avoid embarrassment, disappointment and frustration.

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