Creating a Man Cave The Whole Family Will Love

posh man cave
February 26, 2017

posh man caveBuilding your Man Cave.

The man cave—the one room in a home that men, mostly husbands, can call their own.

Is there a way to incorporate the idea of a man cave while still pleasing the other family members?

Of course, it just takes some creativity and effort to make this room appealing to everyone.

Ø Theme. If you’re a fan of a certain sports teams you consider decorating the room with memorabilia; sports items like bats, balls or jerseys; or just choose your favorite team’s colors. Others may choose to build the room around a pool table or bar area. Or others a western theme with saddles from Charlotte’s Saddlery and cactus plants.

The room doesn’t have to have a theme at all of course. But it’s more fun to have one.

Remember, the man cave will be a recreation and entertainment room, so think about what items you need to make this room the most desirable location in the house.

Ø Seating. Another consideration is the amount of space required to hold the family. Large couches are western theme man cavegreat for watching television, and if you have a game table, consider investing in a few extra folding chairs, for when you have additional guests.

Bar stools are another convenient piece that won’t take up too much space. Or build a few simple wooded benches around the walls.

Ø Comfort. While the man cave should look great, more importantly it should be comfortable. This isn’t the place for fussy furniture that guests are afraid of ruining. Choose furniture that is comfortable and encourages people to relax.

Ø Maintenance. You want your man cave to be a room that is easy to enjoy. Choose a type of flooring that you can quickly sweep, or run over with a vacuum, instead of one that requires constant care. Tile works great for this.

If it’s going to be more of a party room, then remember there will be plenty of spills and maybe even a dropped cigarette or two, so make sure the floor can stand up to the abuse.

If your tables are susceptible to scratches or water rings, cover with a tablecloth or provide coasters for guests.

Finally, try not to have too many breakables scattered around, you don’t want to constantly worry.

posh man caveØ Décor. Decorating might be the most enjoyable part of the process.

Since you’ve already determined the theme you have some idea the type of décor you will need to flush out that idea.

As mentioned before, don’t overcrowd the room with too many knickknacks, they may detract from the overall appearance of the room.

Creating a man cave is often a process that occurs over time. There is a lot to consider, especially if you have an ideal image in your head of what atmosphere you want to portray.

If things aren’t perfect at first, don’t fret. You’ll figure out what is missing and what changes you need to put in place to make your man cave everyone’s favorite room of the house.

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